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whether in a sentence

0 0. Whether or not there is. Source(s): Maria asked whether [name] made it or not. You can start with anything as long as the rest of the sentence is correct. Whether In A Sentence Definition of Whether (obsolete) Introducing a direct interrogative question (often with correlative or) which indicates doubt between alternatives. (That's a sentence that can only take place once a specific action has occurred.) 4. Read the sentences given below. Whether; 1. Whether he will succeed or not depends on his efforts. There is some debate as to whether or not marinades actually tenderize meat. Here is an example that begins with whether: Whether you go or not is up to you. There is no question mark at the end. In the sentence above, it’s yes in the first case and no in the second: Whether or not they are professional writers, many people are confused about whether they should use the phrase “or not” after “whether.” Here’s what The Times’s stylebook says: whether. When the second part of this structure is negative, there are several possibilities. We have to decide whether. Formally, "if" and "whether" are used in very specific examples, and give sentences different meanings.Whether vs. Charlie didn't know if Alice was going away for the weekend.. Use "whether" when you are showing there are two possible outcomes. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Note that the following are not questions. Yes. 5. 5 years ago. And whether pigs have wings. The second sentence is not conditional. If you wanted to use whether you have to rephrase your sentence. Whether you like it or whether you don’t, you will have to work on this project. We can't decide on whether to order pizza or Chinese food. " Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Example sentences: " I need to decide whether I'm going to college or not. " We will have to go whether she comes with us or not. 3 0. dogtags40. | Used to introduce an indirect interrogative question that consists of multiple alternative possibilities (usually with correlative or). I do not know whether Mr. 3. 6. : Age, marital status, whether or not they had had a smear test, and highest educational qualification were recorded. The point is whether he will read the letter. Use "whether" in a sentence. Often or not is redundant after whether, but not always. 1 people chose this as the best definition of whether: Either.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. You are going to school whether you like it or not. " God is with us whether. Whether or not you like it, you will have to work on this project. If. Whether in a sentence. I can't decide whether to go to the library or stay home. " How to use whether in a sentence. Only first 17 results shown. Maria asked whether she used blue or green. There is no word you can't start a sentence with. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences Example sentences with the whether, a sentence example for whether, and how to make whether in sample sentence, how do I use the word whetherin a sentence? Starting A Sentence With Whether. Notes. : There is a lot of back and forth over whether or not animal rights terrorism is really terrorism. When whether follows a noun such as decision, issue, or question, it should do just that, without the word of intervening, if the phrase appears in a sentence such as “They will make a decision whether we’re there or not.” (“Or not” is necessary here because the sense of whether is “regardless.”) 2. To sum up, use whether when you have two discrete choices or mean "regardless of whether," and use if for conditional sentences. Whether definition is - —used as a function word usually with correlative or or with or whether to indicate (1) until the early 19th century a direct question involving alternatives; (2) an indirect question involving stated or implied alternatives; (3) alternative conditions or possibilities. Call Squiggly whether or not you are going to arrive on Friday means Aardvark needs to call either way. Gretchen S. Lv 7. Next: Whether Versus Whether or Not Pages Whether you do it alone or with others, just get the project done by the deadline. Use "if" when you have a conditional sentence.

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